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Muslin which reminds us of the golden history of Bangla. The ancient Bangla of  Indian subcontinent had always been famous for manufactured textiles.  Among all the textiles there was a fine cloth which is said to be light as foam and so clear that they almost look invisible. The cloth was called MUSLIN. The use of muslin is transparent throughout history. Muslin was frequently used by the Nawabs of Bengal. The first Nawab of Bengal, Murshid Quli Khan used to send muslin to the Mughal emperor. The Emperors used to dress in a type of muslin called the Malma Khash and Nawab's Badshas and Amirs wore it during summer. It is extremely light in weight and high in quality. It is also exotic to behold. The Jamdani technique is used to provide traditional floral weavings. The muslin saris are fine enough to provide a complete edition of silk and cotton.  It disappeared over 170 years ago. Recently the government of Bangladesh has taken up a project to revive the glorious MUSLIN. In its continuation we have brought for you the famous muslin of Rajshahi.

Hand Paint Premium Maslin Collection. Our Maslin Sarees  are very soft and best quality muslin. Each saree has a different design and is completely hand painted.


  • When it comes to washing a Muslin saree, always remember to be delicate in its texture.

  • It is also advised to follow the instructions carefully provided with the saree, as the fabric blend used often differs from manufacturer to manufacturer & needs to be maintained accordingly.

  •  It is best recommended to soak the saree in lukewarm water mixed with mild liquid detergent for about 10 mins prior to washing.

  • Then rinse the saree with running tap water and let the soapy foams get washed away. Use your fingers softly to rub & clean.

  • Do not wring, twist or squeeze when the saree is wet.

  • Hang the saree on some clean surface and let the water drip off completely.

  • If your saree is colored, dry it under shade to avoid fading and if it is plain white then sun drying will be fine.

  • It is essential to understand that Muslin saree must be washed separately to avoid any kind of wear and tear or color damage.

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